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6 Habits You Must Form to Achieve Optimal Well-Being

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to improve your well-being? To build a stronger foundation on which to support a better life, and a healthier body? To help you get closer to optimal health.

More than half of us are unhappy with where we are in life. The foundations to building a better and more positive living are laid very clearly in our everyday actions. But these key habits aren’t always easy to form. We tend to do the opposite of what’s best for our well-being because we don’t want change, or we’re reluctant to disrupt our normal worrying-busting routine.

We look to habits for guidance, and these habits can lead us to achieve our goals. A better and healthier living is not that difficult to achieve if one knows what to do.

Here are six habits which will help you accomplish this goal.

1. Habits of Healthy Weight Management

Optimal wellbeing means losing weight and continuing on your journey without gaining it back. Over two-thirds of us will want to start our journey here. We make getting started simple by quickly building self-efficacy and creating early successes for you. As you feel better, have more energy, and are losing weight safely, you will be motivated to discover more ways you can improve your health. It’s easy to do, and you won’t have hunger pangs or food cravings if you follow the Habits of Health approach.

2. Habits of Healthy Eating and Hydration

Explore the Habits of Healthy Eating and Hydration to learn the role they play in your optimal wellbeing journey. Habits of Healthy Eating and Hydration are about more than counting calories. They encompass portion control, meal frequency, eating a balanced diet, and the effect that water has on nearly all areas of your health. By improving your fueling, you can ensure your body is receiving the right vita-nutrients while discovering foods rich with flavor and texture. With these habits, you can eat healthy, delicious food for the rest of your life instead of slipping backward into weight gain.

3. Habits of Healthy Motion

Learn how Habits of Healthy Motion fit into the comprehensive approach of the Habits of Health. While your movement plan may include formal exercise, Habits of Healthy Motion are more often made up of fun activities and clever strategies that make moving your body easy and fun—including some you’ve probably never even considered. We pioneered the importance and ability to create activity throughout the day with our leisure and work, in addition to scheduled exercise routines. Motion throughout your day is a necessity, and that also means standing more and sitting less.

4. Habits of Healthy Sleep

Habits of Healthy Sleep are critically important to losing weight and to improving all other areas of your health. The effect of regular sleep patterns on health is often underestimated, but sleep is one of the most critical factors in creating overall health and well-being and has a direct impact on losing weight (and keeping it off). Missing that necessary extra hour of sleep decreases your wellbeing, productivity, health, and your ability to reason. When you master Habits of Healthy Sleep, the benefits ripple throughout all areas of your health, from weight management to your relationships with friends and loved ones.

5. Habits of a Healthy Mind

Learn how Habits of a Healthy Mind support every choice we make on our optimal wellbeing journey. Your long-term success depends on choosing the best strategic actions to support your health. These actions include examining how you make choices, understanding your patterns and triggers, and helping you maintain a sense of calm and resilience no matter what life dishes out. With greater self-awareness, we will increase your capacity to thrive in a rapidly changing world, helping you adopt new behaviors and master the art of habit installation so that you no longer have to rely on willpower.

6. Habits of Healthy Surroundings

The people, places, and things you surround yourself with can enhance or diminish the success of your other Habits of Health. Our system teaches you how to build a “health bubble” that will help you take control of your personal environment and create conditions that support long-term health. This will be particularly important in helping you establish support systems that work best for you, whether that’s a friend, a group of friends, a coach, or a whole community of people.

Good habits start small, so don’t be discouraged by the seeming lack of payoff at first. Once you’ve established a new routine, you may find that it’s easier to maintain than you initially imagined. In fact, with time, your good habits will likely become second nature; the mere thought of adhering to them may inspire motivation and determination in moments when you otherwise feel tempted to break. Through diligent practice, you’ll want to stick with these healthy habits for long-term personal fulfillment once the struggle has subsided.



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