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The Larson Health Weight Loss Promise

At Larson Health we help to inspire and guide clients battling with weight gain, or lifelong struggles with weight loss, to a healthier version of themselves through one healthy habit at a time.

We understand the struggle – we have tried all the diets out there and put the weight back on too.  Like most things in life, change takes time, and you will be excited for the quick and continual results that will keep you motivated to continue moving forward. We have helped over 3000 people succeed with their health goals.

We keep accountability with our clients with weekly calls to encourage and celebrate their voyage to life-long health, provide a community of people with similar goals, provide you with options to reach your goals and needs, and provide continual value through your journey. Clients are 80% more successful with weight loss with a health coach to keep them accountable.

Introducing Coach Kim Larson

My journey and how I can help you reach your weight loss goals.


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Weight Loss Coaching

Weight Loss Coaching

Get personalized 1:1 coaching and accountability to get you to an ideal weight for you.

Nutrition Coaching

Providing guidance on optimal nutrition, healthy recipes and portion sizes for your health.

Healthy Life Coaching

Guiding you on giving yourself the best care for your overall health.


We provide a community of like-minded people on the same journey as you.

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Misti H.

I am extremely happy that I engaged Kim for health coaching.  She is inspirational, professional, and a great listener. She holds me accountable yet doesn’t push too hard.  She has great insight and really is passionate about contributing to the success of my health goals. I highly recommend (Larson Health) - you will see results!

Barbie R.

I am so grateful to have coach Kim Larson to help me with my health and weight loss journey. Kim is full of insight, and knowledge and she has options for everyone. I lost 12# because Kim holds you accountable, makes losing weight fun, and brings encouragement and hope. Rock on Ms. Kim.

Sharon R.

Kim has been an incredible coach and mentor. She has helped me to make good choices and to balance and plan each day. More than that, she has encouraged me and helped me to gain a new sense of confidence and self-esteem. She does this through her constant support and genuine care. Kim is the utmost professional and fully dedicated to her clients. She is my anchor and the key to my success.

Our Services

1-On-1 Weight Loss Coaching

Our coaching and accountability insure that you get to an ideal weight for you. We have weekly calls with you, reminder messages for weekly weigh-ins, delicious healthy recipes to help you with portion control, and options for your favorite foods in a healthy way. We know life is always throwing curve balls at us, so we work with you to learn how to manage through them.

We have been there before, whether it was caring for someone else, being influenced by others, being too busy to focus, life long family history of obesity, and so many more challenges. We are here to work through these challenges one healthy habit at a time. This isn’t some fad diet or quick fix gimmick, those don’t work as everyone always gains it back.

Smarter, Next-Level Nutrition Coaching

We provide Guidance on optimal nutrition and portion sizes for your health. Each person, body, and taste bud is different, so your plan should be customized to you. We will learn more about you during the health assessment as well as through your journey to help you make the best choices for your health and goals. Adjustments will be made to your plan as we go along and learn how your body is responding.


Healthy Life Coaching

Guiding you on giving yourself the best care for your overall health. We all need love, care, and support. It takes a village to help us reach our goals, and most importantly, it takes your commitment to change. We will guide you on this journey to self-love, and care and open your mind to the possibilities of the new lifelong transformation to a lifestyle versus a diet.


We provide a community of like-minded people on the same journey as you. Whether it is Healthy Happy Hours, Monthly Meet and Greet meetings with BreakOut rooms to meet others one on one or in small groups, or in-person meetings. Whichever way you prefer to hit your goal, we will meet you where you are.

Discover Your Best Beach Body

We will help you meet your weight loss goals fast!


The Myth Of Healthy Foods

Believe it or not, many of the foods and snacks marked “healthy” in stores are actually bad for you. They’re packed with sugars and artificial ingredients that spike your blood sugar and promote fat gain.

Determine Your Ideal Weight

Choose Your Weight Loss Program

Enjoy Your Perfect Fit Body

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About Kim Larson

Dedicated to Creating a Healthier Version of YOU

After Kim Larson visited her doctor at the age of 53 for an annual check-up, she learned she had gained 45 pounds over time and also gained High Triglycerides, High Blood Pressure, and Pre-Diabetes and knew she needed to do something to change her health. She lost weight with a health coach and posted her weight loss journey with a before and after picture and then several friends joined her on the weight loss journey and it changed her life.

Her husband joined as well, her first client, after he saw her lose the first 25 lbs. as fast as he lost his first 3 lbs. on his own. He lost 47 pounds on the plan following coaching and encouragement in 4 months.

Kim has since received her Health Coach and NASM Nutrition Coach Certifications to better help clients on their healthier path.

Kim yo-yo dieted for years trying WW, Atkins, Whole 30, Keto, Paleo, pills, shots, and more. When pre-menopause started, none of this was working anymore. Finding the proper nutrition to support a healthy life, while still enjoying life, working out for overall health, and maintaining the weight for more than a year without ups and downs to realize that this is a journey to lifelong health, not a diet and then gain it back. Let us help you get to this point of joy.


We look forward to learning more about your goals!

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