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Cucumber Turkey Rollups


• 4 oz light cream cheese
• 2 small cucumbers
• 6 oz sliced Turkey breast
• 2 tbsp parsley
• 2 tbsp chopped green onion
• 2 tsp lime juice
• 1/4 cup shaved carrot


Blend cream cheese, green onion, and lime juice; set aside.

Slice cucumbers lengthwise into long strips using a vegetable peeler or a mandolin. Lay the slices on a flexible cutting mat or parchment paper, overlapping slightly, to create a large square.

Gently spread the cream cheese mixture over the cucumbers. Layer slices of turkey over the top. Add the parsley and carrot in a narrow line down the left side.

Lift up the edge of the cutting mat to fold the roll onto itself; roll tightly.

Insert a toothpick into the center of each cucumber strip, then slice the roll with a paring knife between each cucumber slice.



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